PSSA succeeded to be one of the most important security agencies, being on a high level considering a professional attitude, a professional contact with the attestation of its famous clients.

– Prodigy.
– Pavarotti.
– West Life.
– Scorpions.
– Paul Anka.
– Martini Man.
– Julio Iglesias.
– Jose Carreras.
– Michel Sardou.
– Valeria Mazza.
– Chris De Burgh.
– Charles Aznavour.
– Harlem globetrotters.

Professionalism spreads all around PSSA’s departments deserving many congratulations and certifications letters from:

– ABC (Congratulation Diploma from The Asian Basketball Confederation).
– WABA (West Asian Basketball Association).
– FLB (Federation Lebanese Basketball).
– S&SS (Special security services agency).
– Buzz production attestation .
– U.S.A embassy.