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24/7 On-site Security Services

If you need to protect your property or premises around the clock, PSSA provides the state of the art security solutions. PSSA is proud to offer the protection of security guards and bodyguards who were highly trained to keep you and your property safe. Our reliable security experts also include security management professionals who are licensed, insured, and fully equipped to meet your security needs.

We can create and manage a custom security plan to fit your needs anywhere in the Middle East, the Gulf region, and Europe. You can trust us to send our most qualified security guards to keep your property safe. We can also send our security management experts to bulk up your current safety protocols in an effort to make your loved ones, employees, and transactions as safe as possible 24/7.

24/7 Off-site Security Services

In addition to our in-person training, protection, surveillance, and guard services, PSSA also offers off-site 24/7 security services. These include mobile security management services for big companies, and consultation services for anyone who wants to boost their security for any reason. Our mission is to keep you safe around the clock.